SINCE 1848


Germany – Nuclear Power Plant Philippsburg

Internal pipe cutter for dismantling control rod guide insert supports at the upper core grid.

task and problem definition

Dismantling from the inside

  • Dismantling of 61 control rod guide insert supports


  • Deployment in air as well as under deionized water (operability up to a depth of 25m)


  • Inner diameter 254mm (tolerance 1.5mm) as well as 262mm (tolerance 3mm)


  • Wall thickness 8.5mm


  • Pipe material 1.4550/X6CrNiNb18-10 (stainless steel)


Cutting-level 1

The machine is inserted into the pipes and clamped hydraulically when the cutting position is reached. The 1st cut is made 515mm below the top edge of the cover plate so that it and the upper grid can be lifted off. The saw blade drive, the feed as well as the 360° rotation drive are electrical.


Cutting-level 2

The BRAUN Internal Pipe Cutter is converted so that the 2nd cut can be made with a longer shaft 2595mm below the cover plate. Afterwards, the clamping mechanism remains activated so that the cut pipe pieces can be lifted off.