SINCE 1848


Our mission

To make a positive contribution to the controlled dismantling of conventional and nuclear facilities and to the disposal of radioactive waste.


Our values

We attach greatest importance to honesty and fairness, to long-term thinking and forward-looking action, and strive for partnership-based as well as high-performance cooperation, both internally within the company and with our customers and suppliers. Furthermore, we strive for the greatest precision and for the best possible solutions, looking at things from a holistic perspective.


Research & Development

We believe that even if no product will ever be perfect, it is still possible to strive for it. Hence, we make every effort to constantly develop our products and create new ones. Very helpful in this process is the feedback and information from our customers, especially from the people who carry out the dismantling work with our machines on a daily basis. Through this close cooperation we know the situation on site and which challenges have to be mastered.

Through creative ideas and approaches, intensive research as well as empirical test series, we regularly develop new technologies and continuously enhance our proven product technologies. Our innovative strength is reinforced by international awards and several patents, including three European patents.