SINCE 1848

Decontamination Technologies

Decontamination of surfaces

Wall Shaver

The patented system for milling and grinding concrete surfaces

Large removal rates enable safe and fast decontamination of surfaces. In addition to use for the decontamination of nuclear facilities, the Wall Shaver can also be used for leveling surfaces and preparing paints. Flow-optimized tools and the matching suction hood enable dust-free machining. Thanks to this dust-free, dry machining as well as automated operation from a safe distance, health hazards can be minimized and secondary waste avoided. Due to specially developed milling segments, steel-reinforced concrete or even steel shot concrete can be efficiently milled off. The BRAUN Wall Shaver can be used in all room positions.
Advantages: dry and dust-free, long tool life, large-area and fast machining in all room positions, automated remote control, variety of assembly options, machining of stone, concrete and metals possible.

Technical data

Milling depth per work stepmax. 10 mm
Milling disk diametermax. 600 mm
Height adjustmentelectric
Depth feedelectric
Tool driveelectric
Drive power18 kW


  • Track feet for doweling
  • Magnetic feet
  • Lift for ceiling machining
  • Vacuum plates
  • Movable carriage
  • Special constructions
Wall Peeler

The patented system for undercutting thick concrete layers

The Wall Peeler was developed as an advancement to the Wall Shaver, for cases where the contamination reaches deep into the concrete layer. The BRAUN Wall Peeler makes it possible to cut the contaminated surface in a rear plane, so that the concrete surface is undercut. As a result, most of the contaminated layer remains bound and the cutting volume is much lower, which in turn results in faster machining.
Advantages: Contamination remains mostly bound, deep removal of contaminated layers, high removal rate due to low removal volume, dry or wet machining possible.

Technical data

Milling depth per work stepmax. 50 mm
Saw blade diametermax. 800 mm
Tool driveelectric
Drive power18 kW / 22 kW


  • Specially coated saw blades
  • Camera system
  • Vacuum plates
  • Movable carriage