SINCE 1848

The saw for deeper cutting tasks

The largest wall saw in the Titan series impresses with power, compact design and sophisticated motor technology. This machine was developed for the larger cutting tasks.
Set consisting of:
1x saw head
1x control unit & hand-panel with joystick
1x set of cables
1x track 2250 mm
1x track 1000 mm
4x track foot normal cut
1x blade cover normal cut ⌀ 800 mm
1x flange flush cut
1x flange normal cut
1x toolbox

Technical data

Saw blade diametermax. 2000 mm
Cutting depthmax. 920 mm
Swivel range360°
Fuse protectionmax. 16A / 35A
Feed & deliveryelectric
Tool drive power22 kW
Motor speedmax. 6000 rpm
Weight saw head27 kg
Weight HF-motor14 kg
Flow of waterover shaft and flange


  • Vacuum plates for track mounting
  • Conversion kit for wire saw
  • Attachment kit for circular saw
  • Track feet angle cut
  • Track connectors
  • Conversion kits for tracks from other manufacturers
  • Blade cover for flush and normal cut up to diameter 2000 mm (floor cut)