SINCE 1848

Light but powerful

The detachable motor and compact design reduce weight during assembly. The Titan-gearbox and the self-developed high-frequency motor provide high torque, even at low speeds.
Set consisting of:
1x saw head
1x control unit & hand-panel with joystick
1x set of cables
1x track 1500 mm
1x track 1000 mm
3x track foot normal cut
1x blade cover normal cut ⌀ 800 mm
1x flange flush cut
1x flange normal cut
1x toolbox

Technical data

Saw blade diametermax. 1200 mm
Cutting depthmax. 520 mm
Swivel range360°
Fuse protectionmax. 20 A
Feed & deliveryelectric
Tool drive power11 kW
Motor speedmax. 6000 rpm
Weight saw head27 kg
Weight HF-motor7 kg
Flow of waterover shaft and flange


  • Vacuum plates for track mounting
  • Conversion kit for wire saw
  • Attachment kit for circular saw
  • Track feet angle cut
  • Track connectors
  • Conversion kits for tracks from other manufacturers
  • Blade cover for flush and normal cut up to diameter 1200 mm