SINCE 1848

with axial piston motor

The drive unit for the BTS12 plunge saw, mounted on a drill rig, is driven by an axial piston motor. Saw blade diameters up to 1200 mm are possible.
Consisting of:
1x angle gear drive
1x motor
1x adapter unit with clamping piece
1x 2-speed manual gearbox
3x flange normal cut

Technical data

Saw blade diametermax. 1200 mm
Cutting depthmax. 10 m
Drive powerup to 26 kW
Operating pressuremax. 300 bar


  • Drill motor mounting plate
  • Drill spindle bearing
  • Flange flush cut with diamond segments
  • Electric feed drive
  • BRAUN hydraulic power packs
  • Feed slides and tracks for serial cuts