SINCE 1848

The patented system for cold cutting of steel structures

The optionally electrically or hydraulically operated saw is deployed for extreme challenges. The mobile machine can easily be used up to 20 meters under water and can also be operated dry, without any cooling of the tool. The cold cutting process and innovative fastening options enable safe sawing of high-alloy metals, copper, lead as well as composite materials of various types. Remote operation as well as automatic fastening allow cuts in confined spaces, on non-transportable components and at great heights. The modular assembling and the cutting depth of up to 535 millimeters, with a weight of only 40 kilograms, enable a wide range of applications with high work safety.
Advantages: spark-free cold cutting process, high cutting performance compared to wire saw, light and mobile, can be operated by remote control, suitable for underwater applications, dry cutting possible, cuts high-alloy steels, copper, lead, cast materials and much more.

Technical data

Saw blade diametermax. 1200 mm
Cutting depthmax. 535 mm
Swivel range360°
Feed & deliveryelectric
Tool driveelectric / hydraulic
Tool drive powermax. 26 kW
Protection classIP68
Weight saw head25,8 kg / 33 kg
Weight HF-motor14 kg
Hydraulic motor5,5 kg


  • Camera system
  • Blade guard with spray nozzles for blade cooling
  • Specially coated saw blades
  • Guide tracks
  • Track feet angle cut
  • Track connectors
  • Different track fastening options such as vacuum plates, magnetic feet or hydraulic track clamps