SINCE 1848

Milling machine for brick mantle blocks

The BRAUN brick shaving machine was developed for milling screw recesses in the shape of a triangle for chimney bricks. The machine was assembled almost entirely from existing series parts of the modular BRAUN product portfolio. The milling head consists of the titan wall saw head and a saw blade package as milling tool. A protective hood was custom-made. The height adjustment of the milling head is controlled by a hand wheel, the stroke path is approx. 1200 mm. A track mounted transversely to the lifting frame allows the shaving head to travel approx. 600 mm. The bricks are placed on a rotary table. The machine is controlled by a hand-panel with joystick, which allows to move within a radius of 10 meters.
Since the system is modular and mobile, it can be converted at any time for other machining techniques, such as sawing or drilling.