SINCE 1848

The drill rig for extra wide diameters

This drill rig is characterized by precise guidance and smooth running, even with large diameters. This large drill stand can also be used as the basis for plunge sawing and wire sawing.
– extendable to a wire saw or plunge saw
– spindle feed with swiveling handwheel
– double column guide made of ground stainless steel tubes
– wear-resistant guide bushes
– special aluminum alloy
– drill motor mount included

Technical data

Core drill diametermax. 1000 mm
Drill stroke760 - 1500 mm
Weight49 kg at 760 mm stroke
Total heightfrom 1395 mm


  • Water collection ring
  • Vacuum plate
  • Inclined drill plate
  • Drill bit extension
  • Transport wheels
  • Various drill motor mounts
  • Swivel bracket to swivel the drill bit to the side