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Dismantling nuclear facilities

BRAUN special machines and tools

Our entry into the dismantling of nuclear facilities took place in 2009 with the development of our mobile cold cutting saw with special saw blades for the dismantling of large metal structures. Since then, we have been able to realize a large number of dismantling concepts as well as new and further developments, such as our wall shaving machine for decontamination and for leveling concrete surfaces, our drum dismantling machine for dismantling drums with radioactive waste, our bridge saw with turntable, our internal pipe cutter or centrifugal cutter.

Our technologies for the controlled dismantling of nuclear facilities are designed for extreme strains and environmental conditions, so that our machines and motors have already been exposed to values of over 1 Sv without being damaged. This focus on absolute robustness and stability is reflected in our complete product range, covering a wide range of applications.

In our dismantling projects, we are usually confronted with three main issues: radioactivity, often limited dismantling possibilities due to, for example, lack of space, and materials that are difficult to dismantle, often riddled with tensions. We work on holistic solutions so that the right tool is used for the material to be cut, the machine is adapted to the tool and the environment, and the operators operate the machine correctly. As a cutting specialist, we develop machines and tools that are often used under water and remotely. Furthermore, we manufacture special designs that are necessary or advantageous for certain projects. In addition, we offer training so that the operating personnel of our customers can handle our machines in the best possible way and the dismantling work can be carried out efficiently.

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